Ergonomic Training - Reducing WSIB Claims

Ergonomic training is the training of employees to practice safety in the workplace. A few examples of this is proper lifting techniques, proper protective gear such as cut gloves for chefs, and specialized training such as pallet jack training. All of this is done for a reason and that is to reduce the amount of WSIB claims.

What does WSIB stand for?

WSIB stands for workplace safety and Insurance board. This is where employees who were hurt on the job go to when filing a workman’s comp claim. Workplace injuries are at an all-time high so providing your employees with ergonomic training is the best way for them to learn how to be safe while working and even while at home and thus lowering your claims rate and insurance rates.

How do you begin ergonomic training?

The best way to start is by speaking to your employees about health and safety issues is a language they can understand. Once you get them onboard and in the mindset of learning safe working practices then you can get some outside help to train all of them properly.

The best way to properly train employees to work safe is to have someone train them who has experience doing so. Ergonomics Canada is one of the best organizations that will come out and help train employees properly. Ergonomics Canada provides training all over the country. All you need to do is schedule a time to do the training.

Getting your employees up to speed and properly trained with ergonomic training is going to be a huge milestone for your company. Not only will your employees work smarter and get more done they will also be safer and the amount of injuries in the workplace will be significantly reduced.

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