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Ergonomic Lifting Rules

You now know that maintaining the neutral (slightly arched) position in the lower back is one of the keys to having a healthy back. It is important to maintain this neutral position when sitting as well as when lifting objects or swinging a golf club.

Athletes and coaches call it the "Power" position. To find the neutral position of the back, stand up and tuck your buttocks under.

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Office Ergonomics – Minimize Back Injuries

Identifying Poor Posture and Risks:
Many potentially harmful situations that lead to back injury can be identified and avoided by following four basic rules of thumb:

Prolonged static posture is the enemy. The healthy body can only tolerate staying in one position for about 20 minutes. That is why sitting on an airplane, at a desk in an office chair, or at a movie theatre becomes uncomfortable after a short time. Standing in one place ...


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