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Benefits of Ergonomics

ou can also save time by simplifying the task. This is less about reducing the number of steps, but making those steps easier to perform. The less training and/or skill that required for a task, the quicker the pace at which it tends to get finished.

This is a great ergonomic tip, especially when the task requires more than one person. If you are trying to get your kids to pick up their toys before they go to bed, you can save a lot of time by making it easier. That is what the toy chest is for. Instead of having different places for different things, they can just throw everything in one place.

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The Nature of Ergonomics

Good ergonomic equipment and practices can aid you in your work and make your life more enjoyable. But what is good for someone else may not be good for you. Ergonomics is truly personal. And finding what works for you make take more effort, but it will be well worth it.

Ergonomics canada provides the Following services:

ERGONOMIC EVALUATION / ASSESSMENTS of hazards that exist within the workplace and developing a program for dealing with the risks of repetitive-motion injuries. Developing a method for controlling injury exposures is essential for complying with applicable health and safety regulations and reducing work-related injury risks.

TRAINING of employees on the health and safety issues, prevention of injuries in the work place and home office environments. Instruction is provided to aid workers in identifying factors that put them at risk of injury and provide suggestions for preventative measures, including exercise, proper sitting, standing, lifting reduce the chance of injuries and discomfort level. Training also includes workstation setup and assessment

ADVANCED TRAINING for specific industry sectors and work environments. Ergonomics Canada offers a fully customized training program for various industries and work settings.

ERGONOMIC SUPPLY proactive preventive ERGONOMIC equipment, products and tools to help workers/employees to eliminate discomfort and feel better. All devices are proscribed by medical professionals and focus on the human body alone.

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