Proper ergonomic lifting techniques and the causes of injury

Knowing proper lifting techniques is a huge and important part of working and not getting hurt. It is the responsibly of the company to properly teach and coach the employees. Lifting injuries are one of the most common injuries in workmen's comp claims. More people miss work due to lower back pain than any other injury and missing work due to back pain is the second most common reason for missing work next to the common cold.

The types of injuries that can occur and are most common with lifting improperly are strained muscles also known as a pulled back and a herniated disk. Both of these are easily avoidable by following the proper lifting techniques.

So how should you lift properly while at work?

- Bend to lift an object - don't stoop
- Keep your back straight by tucking in your chin
- Lift with the strong leg muscles, not the weaker back muscles
- Get help from another co-worker if the load is too hard to carry yourself
- Inspect the load prior to lifting
- Make sure you can see where you are going at all times
- Tuck in your chin to keep your back straight

These are just a few small tips to keep in mind the next time you need to lift something. Improving safety in the workplace should be every company?s top priority. More than 100 billion dollars were spent last year in the United States alone on work related injuries.

Bending with your knees, not your back is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Getting a pulled muscle in your back is very easy if you are not careful. Getting rid of the pain it can cause it not so easy. Following procedures and training others to lift properly is the best way to keep your workplace safe.

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